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If you are a caring cat parent, then you know how stressful it is for the cat to visit the vet. Whether visiting the vet is just for the regular check up or for medical purposes, the cat will not feel all that comfy when visiting veterinary clinic in Worcester. As the cat parent that you are, you do not want your cat to experience high stress levels. You want to make sure that your cat experiences a smooth vet visit.


You do not want the pet cat to feel too stressed. That is why you better look for ways to tame the whole vet experience. There are several tips that the cat owner can follow to properly plan and prepare for the next appointment scheduled. Here are the tips that are worth taking into consideration to make the cat visit go smoothly.


First of all, you have to pay attention to how you are using the carrier. You must always make sure that the carrier or any other substitute that you can use for carrying your pet is a safe container. It should not cause any health problems for the pet cat. Most importantly, it should be a safe container that the pet owner can use to promote safe transport.


In case the pet cat you have is a senior cat, then there is a high chance that the said cat will keep refusing to enter his or her carrier. If that is the case, then help get the feline acclimated to the said container. The best way to do so is by placing the carrier inside the home. You can make it a part of the home's daily environment. You can even try placing treats, blankets, and favorite toys inside so that the container becomes a comfortable home for the cat. Keep them inside after the senior cat enters.


There are many types of carriers that are available in the market nowadays. You might want to opt for the top-loading containers though, as they are less stressful, especially when you have a senior cat. The top-loading carriers allow for easy removal. If there is a need for it, the cat can still be examined even when they are not removed from their carrier.


Car rides should also be paid attention to. Never limit the car rides strictly for when you visit the vet. It is highly recommended that you take the pet cat on regular rides inside the carrier. That way, the cat can permanently get used to the car motion as well as the surroundings. The next visit to the veterinary clinics Basildon will be less stressful for the cat then.


Even cats can get car sick. This is even more so when the cats are not used to riding in the car on a regular basis. Thus, it is highly recommended that you avoid feeding the pet for a period of at least an hour before transporting him or her to the vet clinic. This is the best way to prevent the cat from being sick due to the car's motion.