1. How can I stop my horse tilting its head?

Q: My Irish gelding is working really well on the flat — he’s forward, soft and round. But he sometimes tilts his head to the left, especially on the left rein. How can I stop him doing this?

A: Unless your horse has sharp teeth or a worn bit, head tilting is usually a symptom of a hindleg issue. The solution depends on exactly how he tilts: whichever side his nose goes to is the problem side. Check that you don’t have a stronger contact on that side. When he tilts, deliberately lighten the contact on that side by exaggeratedly moving your hand forward. Push him more strongly with your leg on that same side — you need to get that particular hindleg to take a more energetic step forward. As his head straightens, allow him to reconnect to the contact, but only lightly: too strong a contact may block his hindleg from stepping forward correctly. In time, he will step into the contact equally without tilting. You can get some strong Dressage training Crawley by paying attention to these questions.

2. How can I stop my horse pulling?

Q: My cob leans on the bit when I school her and it feels like she’s pulling my arms out of their sockets. A friend suggested putting her in a stronger bit for a couple of sessions to make her respect it more. Do you think this is a good idea?

A: It is certainly one possibility, but you should first try to discover why she leans on the bit. Is she unbalanced and on the forehand? If so, you need to use schooling exercises to help her to find more balance rather than make her even more worried by using a stronger bit. Does she understand what you want? She may need to be educated as to what response you want her to give to the bit. Is she comfortable in her bit? Discomfort often causes pulling and it may be that a change of bit shape, thickness or material might solve the problem without trying a more severe type. If you are unsure, take her to an experienced trainer who can advise you on the best course of action.

3. What are the judges looking for in transitions?

Q: Lots of novice tests on Dressage Training Guilford I have ridden recently ask for trot-walk-trot transitions with two to five strides of walk. My pony does them really obediently, but I only ever score sixes. What are the judges particularly looking for?

A: These transitions are put into novice tests not only to check obedience, but also the correctness of a horse’s basic training. For the higher marks they need to be performed at the right place and with the required numbers of steps, but they must also show:
➤ A steady and correct outline throughout the transition, with the horse working genuinely through the back.
➤ No signs of resistance or stiffening, either physically or mentally.
➤ Increased engagement during both transitions, with the horse lowering his croup, while bringing his hindlegs further forward beneath himself in the downward transition, then springing off with energy in the upward.
➤ Good quality paces both sides of, and between, the transitions, with no shuffling or unclear steps.
➤ An enthusiastic, forward attitude.

Tue 17 October 2017

When it comes to riding a polished dressage test with, preparation is the key to success.  So I want give you some competition tips to help you have the best experience possible.

Before I get started with the actual tests, I want to just talk in general about riding dressage tests because there’s a lot of things that they all have in common.

The first thing is that you need to know your test. I mean REALLY know it. Even though from Training Level through 4th level, you can have some read your test out loud, it’s still important that you really know your test. This is critical so your test doesn’t look like a bunch of movements strung together.

That way you can use the reader if you occasionally blank out. But for the most part, you won’t even be listening to the reader because you’ll be paying attention to
your horse.

So you want to be able to do the dressage test with on autopilot, so that you can reserve all of your focus for riding your horse. You want to be riding your horse not
concentrating on what comes next in the pattern.

To help you do this, start memorizing your test early on.

I have 3 different ways that I memorize tests. They include:

1. Visualization-I know that it takes approximately 21 days to develop a habit. So I start visualizing my dressage test every day at least 3 weeks before a show. I sit in an easy chair or lie down on my bed, close my eyes, and take 3 really deep breaths.

You want to do diaphragmatic breathing, so as you inhale, feel like your stomach is getting fat. That means you’re taking air way down into the bottom of your lungs. As you exhale, feel yourself sinking into the chair or bed.

Visualizing your dressage test is going to help you do two things. First, it’s going to help you memorize your test. Secondly, when you visualize the perfect ride, you program your subconscious mind to ride correctly. That’s because when you do “perfect practice” in your mind’s eye, your muscles will fire in the correct way.

As you visualize, go through your dressage test stride for stride. Fill in as much detail as you can.

What are you wearing? What does your horse look like? What does the arena look like? What color is your jacket? What color are your gloves?

Fill in as many details as you can AND include your senses. Hear the rhythm of the footfalls. Feel the contact with your horse’s mouth. See your horse’s head and neck out in front of you. Smell the fly spray. Also, add emotion to your mental movies.
Experience yourself feeling calm, relaxed, poised and the harmony of being at one with your horse.

Tue 17 October 2017
  1. Learn And Practice Your Test
    Even if you have a caller on the day, learn the test beforehand, practice riding individual parts of the test and ride the whole test a couple of times. Don't practice riding the whole test too many times or your horse may anticipate movements on the day. On a windy day and/or with a lot of background noise you don't want to be left wondering where to go if you can't hear your caller - think of the caller as a back up against forgetting the test on the day, but don't be totally reliant on them.
  2. Relax
    Take a few deep breaths and relax your body before entering the arena. A tense rider will make a tense horse. Remember Dressage training in West Sussex can be fun.
  3. Look Up
    Look up and ahead of you so you can plan and prepare for your transitions and turns - it also helps with your posture and position. If you need to look down then do so with your eyes but not your head.
  4. Ride Forward On Straight Lines
    Look for great Dressage horse in West Sussex and ensure your horse is going actively forward in an even rhythm (but not rushing) on the straight lines as a horse that is lacking impulsion as you ride down the centre line or across the school is more likely to drift from side to side.
  5. Prepare For Transitions
    Half halt before each upward and downward transition to prepare your horse for the transition and help to keep it balanced through the transition.
  6. Give Yourself More Time When Riding Transitions Between Markers
    Ask for the transition 2-3 strides after your horse has passed the first marker so the judge can see that you are clearly past the first marker whilst you allow your horse the maximum amount of time to respond to your aids for the transition before reaching the second marker. If you ask for the transition half way between the markers or as you approach the second marker you give your horse less time to respond to your aids and run the risk of performing the transition too late if your horse is slow to respond.
  7. Prepare For Turns
    Half halt before each turn across the arena to prepare your horse for the turn and keep the inside leg close and pushing into the outside rein contact as you turn to prevent the horse falling in and help it balance through the turn. Look ahead of you around your turn.
  8. Ride Good Circles
    Picture the circle drawn on the arena surface and ride along its imaginary line and look 1/4 to 1/2 circle ahead as you ride to ensure you ride a good even circle.
Tue 17 October 2017

Once you’ve booked your lesson with has been chosen and the lesson booked the next thing to consider is what to wear for that first lesson. Although riding wear can be bought from saddlery shops and online equestrian stores it is not wise to rush out and buy these items until you are sure that you enjoy riding and intend to continue for some time to come.

The riding school will have riding hats of varying sizes for beginners to hire for a lesson. Comfortable fitting trousers should be worn - overly tight trousers are not advised as these may restrict movement and prove uncomfortable for riding in, whilst baggy trouser may flap and alarm the horse or pony. Boots or shoes with a small heel should be worn and shoes with a chunky grip on the sole are best avoided.

It is always best to arrive at least 15 minutes early for the first lesson. This will give time to find a suitable hat to hire and also give the opportunity to meet the horse to be ridden and see it being prepared for the lesson, if it has not been prepared beforehand. The first thing you will learn on your riding lesson is how to mount the horse or pony.

Before mounting it is always advisable to check that the girth is sufficiently tight. A loose girth will result in the saddle slipping to one side when mounting.

It is always best to mount a horse using a mounting block rather than mounting from the floor. The use of a mounting block makes it easier for the rider to mount the horse, puts less strain on the stirrup leathers when mounting and decreases the chances of the saddle slipping to one side when mounting.

Mounting a horse or pony is done from the "near" side ie the horse's left side. (The horse's right side is known as the "off" side.) Facing the horse, the reins are held in the left hand and the left hand placed on the pommel of the saddle. The reins should be held tight enough to prevent the horse or pony from wandering off when you try to mount but not too tight that the horse or pony starts to walk backwards.

Then turning to face the rear of the horse, take the stirrup in your right hand, turn it clockwise to allow you to gently place your left foot in it so that the ball of your foot rests on the bottom of the stirrup. An important thing to note is that whilst mounting you should be careful not to inadvertently kick the horse with your left foot as this will encourage the horse to walk forward.

With the reins held in the left hand, your left foot in the stirrup, the right hand should be placed over the back of the saddle (cantle). Then with a small spring, jump up straightening the left leg as you swing the right leg over the back of the horse, remembering to move your right hand forward as you do so, and then gently sit into the saddle.

Once astride the horse, turn the right stirrup clockwise to allow you to place your foot in it, sit up and take hold of the right rein in your right hand.

Wed 11 October 2017

You can't learn to ride from a website, book or video (in fact, it's inadvisable). The best way to learn to ride a horse is with a competent coach or instructor. A coach or instructor can catch bad habits before they become ingrained, advise you of mistakes you may be making, encourage you and offer advice to keep you safe and comfortable. But these articles will help you understand what you'll be learning once you're on a horse whether you plan to learn to ride English or Western. Here's what you'll need to learn to competently ride a horse. 

The first things you'll learn about horse riding stables birmingham may not be actual riding skills. You may come across riding schools where you'll simply get on the horse and start riding. But learning to tie, groom and lead are essential skills that help you learn to understand horses, stay safe and increase your enjoyment. This is especially important if you plan to head out alone once you're able. With your horse safely tied and groomed, it's time to saddle up for your ride. Learn how to put on an English or Western saddle and bridle, and how to do up the cinch on a Western saddle. With your horse waiting, groomed and saddled up, ready to ride, you'll want to get going! These articles will help you understand how to get on your horse and once you're up there how to sit correctly in the saddle as you ride. When you first begin riding, you will feel awkward and unbalanced. You may feel unable to make all your body parts do all the things they are supposed to at the same time. You may be using muscles not familiar with the job you are asking, and have difficulty remembering all you are supposed to do. The key is practice.

As your confidence and skill increase, it is time to learn to ride at faster paces. Challenge yourself, but never feel pushed. Learning to ride is supposed to be fun, not scary. These aren't riding skills, but safety with horses is always the first priority. Your coach can help remind you of these safety tips as you ride because it can be difficult to remember so many new things. These skills go beyond the basics. Learn how to fall off and do an emergency dismount with the supervision of a knowledgeable coach. Always wear a helmet and proper boots or safety stirrups. Consider using a chest protector and a mouth guard as well. Being a good horseman/horsewoman means you look after your horse even after its job is done. You don't want your horse to be uncomfortable, and you don't want it to think that being ridden is all work and no play. Here's how to get out of the saddle and reward your horse. It’s always a mistake not to groom your horse’s back and girth area before you ride. Grit, burrs, or other debris can become lodged in your horse’s hair coat, especially when the hair is thick in the winter time. This can lead to chaffing, galls or discomfort that can make your horse misbehave. Always groom the saddle and cinch area before you put the saddle pad or blanket and saddle on your horse.

Another grooming mistake is to skip checking your horse’s hooves before you tack up to ride. Objects can get lodged in the bottom of the hoof, that can make your horse’s feet sore. And, you may miss problems like thrush and white line disease that can get worse if not treated promptly. A loose shoe can cause lameness and can trip your horse, which could injure both of you. Clean and check hooves each time you tack up--and when you are done riding.

Wed 11 October 2017

With the awareness of people on the positive effects of living, an active lifestyle increasing with the help of social media and other mass media resources, people are seeking to engage more in sports. For countries in Europe and in America, the most common sports would include basketball, hockey, and football. Those who want physical activities without the need for a lot of skill and teamwork can opt to engage in biking, mountain climbing, trekking and horseback riding. Horseback riding is just gaining popularity in the east but it has always been a classic form of activity for those living in the west.

This type of sport requires a lot of skill. Riding a horse is not as simple as driving your car. Your body needs to move with the horse to keep yourself on its back and from falling over. Many major injuries and disabilities were due to horseback riding related incidents so the skill requirement for this type of activity is high. A lot of physics is in play when you are riding a horse and some of this you’ll only learn with experience.

The need for physical activity is driven by the people’s want to keep themselves healthy. In activities such as horseback riding, though, your safety comes as the first priority. Aside from the required training and necessary skills to keep you from falling over, critical care and maintenance of sports equipment are also necessary. Over time the saddles can get really slippery over time and this can present a lot of danger. Products for cleaning leather saddles are the most commonly used material to keep it clean and able to maintain friction. Friction is what keeps you from falling off of the saddle so when it’s gone due to poor maintenance you are almost ready to injure yourself the moment you hop on it.

Maintenance for sports equipment is important not only in horseback riding but in other form of sports as well. Hockey players need to make sure that their skating equipment is kept dry during storage to prevent rusting. Same goes for ski equipment. Basketball and football players, on the other hand, need to ensure that their clothing and supporters are able to support their weight and the amount of stress their muscles receive during the games.

Horseback riding equipment is typically made of leather or metal. With metals, the most important think that you need to prevent is rusting. Rusting can cause it to reduce its endurance and ability to resist pressure. These types of equipment need to be checked regularly for its integrity and function. Most people do not know where to buy tack care products online but they are quite easy to find. A simple google search should lead you to the resource that can direct you to online shops that sell these products.

In whatever it is that you are currently engaged in, equipment care and maintenance is always the key for safer practice whether it’s for work or leisure.


Wed 22 February 2017

If you are looking for a pest control service in Edinburgh, you will probably end up getting overwhelmed by the fact that you have so many options to select from. It can get confusing when there are so many names for you to choose. This is why it does help when you have an idea of the questions that you should be asking these providers with to determine who are those that are going to assist you right.

Find out how long these providers have been in the business. This is a line of work where experience is going to count a lot. This is why, it matters that you will take a good look at how long these providers have remained in the business. Check organizations like the consumer’s bureau or the agriculture department to determine if there were ever complaints that were raised against these providers before.

Check their present address and how long they have remained in there. It is always a good sign when they have remained in these offices for as long as they have been in the business if they have actually been moving from one address to the next, that can be a red flag. A lot of firms that have been getting bad raps for their clientele tend to transfer offices way to often to avoid dissatisfied clients. So, if they are just recently move to their current office but have been around for a long time, tread warily.

Ask for a list of references too. Talk to people that they have assisted in the past to get a better idea of what they can offer if their services are tapped. You need assurance that you are looking for providers that are getting very good reviews from the people that have hired them before. You can get a good idea of what to expect if you are going to seek out their assistance based on the reviews that past customers and clients have been giving them.

See if they have trained and skilled employees to be sent to your premises to assist you as well. You need to be sure that the people that they are going to be sending to you are those who happen to be licensed and certified when it comes to the application of pesticides. This is necessary so you are sure that they have a good understanding of the products that they are using and are quite skilled on the proper practices that will ensure that they are handling the issues safely and properly.

Ask them to give you an extensive walkthrough of what they would do to solve the problem. Find out about the products that they will be using and see how long it would take them to get the issue addressed as well. In addition, make sure that you will check the fees that they are going to charge as well. Shop around and take the time to look into the fees that other providers are going to charge as well. This is necessary so you are sure that you can take the time to shop around, find those that offer impressive service, and those that will charge you right at the same time.

Wed 22 June 2016

Your pet needs love and care, and what is included in the care is knowing whether or not its health is okay or not. This is where you need to be very attentive and do something about it before it is too late. At the end of the day, you would want nothing but the best for your most loved pet. To give you an overview on what you can do with regard to the health of your pet, read on.


Here are few things you can do to assure the health of your pet:


1. Be attentive with your pet's needs.


First, as a pet owner, you need to be attentive with the needs of your pet. Your pet needs nutritious food, exercise, love and care from you. Be sure you are giving all these frequently with no absence at all. Or else, you can see it in your pet's health if you have missed meeting his needs.


2. Visit a vet.


Next on the list is paying a visit to a vet near you. Yes, there are Ayrshire vets that you can just call, book for an appointment, and pay them a visit. Have your pet with you. This way, you will know it's current health status, if it is suffering from minor health issues or any illness at all. Early prevention is much better than late diagnosis. Do take note of that.


3. Consult the vet with regard to your pet's health and nutrition.


Ask the vet for a consultation if there is any thing you need to change from your pet's diet or how you can improve it's health. Perhaps you lack providing your pet with the right nutrients and engaging your pet in different activities, as well. It does pay off if you do ask questions. In this way, you will be able to correct those old habits and replace them with new ones to benefit your pet.


4. Do schedule future appointments.


Lastly, do schedule future appointments. Do not expect that this is going to be a one-time visit to your vet. It is not! If possible ask the vet how many times you and your pet will pay him a visit for a routine health check-up and book them right away. Do take note of the dates so that you will not forget and be there at the clinic on schedule. In this way, if there are any health issues that will occur they can be detected at an earlier stage.


Make sure that your pet will get the right amount of vitamins, minerals, and exercise while at the same time checking on its health on a regular basis. Just because your pet is looking healthy it does not mean deep inside it is doing well. This will help you sleep well at night knowing your pet is in good shape.

Wed 06 April 2016

Owning a pet surely has so many benefits as they are surely good companions. Other people even treat their pets as members of their families. Most people would surely choose to have a dog or a cat but there are a few who would rather choose to have a horse. For many people, owning a horse is  a dream come true. So, if you are thinking of having one for yourself or you are thinking of buying one for somebody else, let us look into the most common advantages and disadvantages of having a horse. These can help you decide whether you want to purchase a horse or not. You can also check out different websites like
for more information.


The main advantage of having a horse is the fact that it will help in relieving stress. The more you spend time with your horse, the more you will feel relaxed. As the owner, you will also have to do a lot of things for your horses. For instance, you need to clean up their stalls, groom your horses, and ride them. If you do these activities daily, then surely you can consider them as a form of exercise. Moreover, you have unlimited access to your horse so this means that you can ride him or her anytime you like. You do not need to pay or ask somebody’s permission to ride your horse. Horses have a longer life span so you can surely have a companion for a long time. Aside from that, there are so many horse owners who earn money because of their horse by showing other people what their horses can do. Lastly, you can meet people by joining groups of people who love horses as well. By extending your networks, you will surely broaden your knowledge with horses.


Horses are a good form of investment as you can earn money from them, but they also require a good amount of money to be taken care of. For one, they need a specialized veterinarian for their needs. A lot of horse owners choose a specific vet for their horses’ needs. You also need to spend much time with them since these animals hold affection for their owners. They also need much time to be trained. Moreover, their stalls need to be cleaned more often so you need to spend a lot of time to do so. In addition to this, they need new horse shoes once in awhile. Also, they surely eat a lot of food. Lastly, they tend to live for a long time so owning one surely needs a lot of commitment.

In summary, owning a horse has its advantages and disadvantages. However, the advantages surely outweighed the disadvantages. If you have decided to buy a horse for yourself then you can check out

Wed 06 April 2016

Health problems in pets, just like in humans, can come at the least expected time. There are even emergency health problems that become a life-threatening situation, requiring immediate attention from emergency vets in Wigan. If the pet is suffering from some health problems and you are unsure of what to do, then better contact the vets in Wigan. They should be capable of providing you with further advice on emergency treatment.


The vets Wigan are important specialists who can take care of the emergency health problems that a pet will go through. They are trained to help pet owners out. Here are some of the common emergencies that 24 hour vets in Wigan will take care of.


#1. Vomiting and diarrhea. These are common problems in canine animals. At times, they can be signs of serious ailments while it is most common to just be a simple case of stomach upset. The said health problem can usually be resolved in no more than 24 hours. If the dog develops other signs such as weakness or lethargy after the said period, or some other symptoms like being in pain, persisting diarrhea or vomiting, then you have to see a vet as soon as possible.


#2. Trauma. Cases that are tagged as 'trauma' include falls, gunshot wounds, bites, and road traffic accidents. If it is internal trauma, you might have a difficult time assessing how severe the said trauma is so you better bring the pet to your veterinarian as soon as possible. Some injuries might not appear to be too serious outside but it might already caused internal bleeding or ruptured lungs. Wounds after a trauma may be deeper than what they appear so bringing the pet to the vet is important.


#3. Collapse. This is a condition that refers to the loss of strength that is causing the pet to fall and be incapable of rising. There are many possible causes for the said condition. It might be that the pet is suffering from heart disease, hemorrhage, vascular disease, respiratory disease, anemia, neurological disease, toxicity, musculoskeletal disease, and drugs and meds. For pets suffering a form of collapse, it is a must to seek immediate attention from the vets.


#4. Cystitis. There are pets that are having difficulties passing urine. In some cases, it might be that the pet's urine have traces of blood. For such cases, it is only a given that you look for the vet. It is highly likely that this is a sign of a severe, life-threatening urinary blockage.


#5. Breathing difficulties. If you notice the pets wheezing, with weak or raspy breathing, choking, coughing, or shallow breathing, then it is highly likely to be the presence of foreign bodies in their throat. It might also be due to an allergic reaction, lung disease, heart disease, or asthma. These breathing problems can be very fatal so get the pet seen by the vet as soon as possible.


There are other emergencies the vets can take care of. Their job responsibilities do not cover only these five common conditions. If you see your pet weakening or not acting like usual, it is important that you look for your vet immediately.

Wed 23 March 2016

If there is one thing that thoroughbred owners understand, it is that horses can be very fragile. There are many instances when they are well now and then they are suddenly injured by something  trivial. The key here is to always be ready whenever these situations occur. It is a fact that the costs for getting these kinds of horses treated and healed can be quite expensive. This is why, it could be a good investment if you will decide to secure an insurance policy from a reliable equine insurance provider where you are.


If people protect your properties and their cars by securing an insurance policy, the same can be done with horses too. Considering how vet bills are expected to be quite expensive, the best that one can do is make sure that he has the necessary overage for the horses. Then, every time there is a need for them to get vet care, the costs involved are going to be significantly lessened since the insurance will cover for it.


Of course, you have to find that right policy that can meet these needs very well. It is a fact that the choices that are present for you to day are going to be plenty, but you need to be very particular of the insurer and the kind of policy that you will decide to sign up as well. Establishing your needs will also be a very good start towards ensuring that the policy that you do decide to settle for this time is going to be truly within your current means.


When signing up for the policy it is important that you will properly disclose to the insurer all the things and activities that you would expect to do with the horse. The reasons for this is because the insurers need to know that the activities he will be doing are well accounted for in the details of the policy. Thus, if the them comes that the horse got injured or worse, even killed due to any of these activities, you are sure that it is covered since it has been duly declared.


You may likely be required to get a proof of health before you will be allowed to sign up for a policy. This procedure is something that you will need to let your horse undergo especially if they are worth more than $25,000. You will be required to pay the costs for a vet exam. For horses that are worth less though, health from declaring the health of the horse is going to be needed. Do ensure that you are honest and up front about the medical history of the horse to ensure that they can be taken into account while getting the policy. Nondisclosure may often cause voiding of the policy and you want to avoid that.


Choose the right insurers, too. Make sure that these are specialists in these kinds of policies and have been around for many years. Their expertise in the field can always be a good indication that indeed, you are referring to the credible and reliable institutions who can be expected to be there and lend you a hand if and when you need it.

Wed 23 March 2016

Looking for bird proofing services these days will be easier, thanks to the fact that the number of providers that are likely to offer their assistance to you have increased in number. Still, people have to take into consideration the fact that not every single one of the providers that they will find are expected to address their bird proofing needs right. So, it helps when you know how to identify the right provider when you see one.


The best thing about hiring the experts when handling the bird population that is plaguing your premises is that they have the resources at their disposal to make it possible for them to get the issues addressed as soon as possible. They will take less time too since they have the necessary trained professionals who will be tasked to get the job done as well. So, you can trust that they are going to better assist you.


It is important that you secure proper bird control assistance if the problem has been escalating. The presence of these birds in your premises, especially if you own a business can be detrimental to your profitability. This is especially true if they are producing noise, disrupting your customers, and even leaving behind droppings. So, the best way to address the issue would be to call the experts in and let them do the job.


You will need to determine how these providers are expected to address the problem though. There are a number of techniques that can be used to help get rid of the bird population in you premises but you need to be sure that this is done the right way. You would want to be sure that the birds are treated as humanely as possible and they will not be hurt in the process. You would prefer if the provider you choose will actually advocate the trapping and relocating technique so the birds can be re-homed at the right setting afterward.


Find out whether they can offer guarantees for their work too. The right providers will not have a hard time offering you the guarantees needed to prove to you that they are indeed qualified to do the job, you need assurance too that they will be able to offer a service that is licensed and is insured as well.  This is a risky job and you would not want to be held accountable and liable if they ever get injured while working in your premises. So, make sure that they are not only licensed, but that they are insured as well.


Ask for somebody from these providers to be sent to your premises to see the current state of things, they will be able to assess and evaluate the extent of the issue and how serious the problem is. This will allow them to determine the parts of the house that are affected and will also be able to provide you with estimates on how much the costs are going to be. Make sure that you ask for a detailed quote. Then, you will know exactly what you are being charged for.

Wed 23 March 2016

People do hire a baby sitter to watch over kids but what about those who have pets at home? Well, good thing that there are pet sitters in broxbourne that are just a phone call away. It would be easy for pet owners to simply dial the phone, book for a sitter, and that's it.


Right before you hire one, you need to be acquainted as to the why you need to hire one. In this way, you are able to have an idea and eventually get one for yourself when the need arises. Let's tackle the reasons. Read on!


Here are the three reasons as to why you need a pet sitter:


First, you are rest assured your pet is well taken cared of while you're away. It would be heart-breaking when you leave home. With a pet sitter, you are guaranteed that someone is looking after your baby just like the way you do. That's a good thing, isn't it?


Second, it saves you from all the worries when you are away from home. If you are the type of pet owner who does worry too much when you are always away from home that no one is watching over your pet, or if your pet is eating on time, etc. then there is a pet sitter to the rescue. 


Third, have more time for yourself over the weekend. If you are going on a date, or would want to have me time, you can simply have some. You do not need to postpone the dates or not attend any event because you are worried who would look after your pet. All you have to do is to look for any pet sitting services Essex and off you go.


Here's the thing you should remember. Do not just hire someone out of the blue. You need to be very careful and hire one based on certain factors that will make it easy for you to get one. Why? You would only want a good pet sitter. He should give the same amount of love and care that you are giving to your pet.


Lastly, go for an experienced pet sitter who has been in the business for years now if possible. This will give you an assurance that your pet will be well-taken cared of during the time that you are away from home. When you come home, you will see your pet coming to you for caresses, looking the same as when you left.


When it comes to the fee, the usual thing is to pay by the hour. Just go for someone whose hourly rate is reasonable, and at the same time has been pet sitting for quite some time now. This would be undeniably the best thing to do at your end. You would only want nothing but the best for your pet, right?

Wed 23 March 2016

If you are a caring cat parent, then you know how stressful it is for the cat to visit the vet. Whether visiting the vet is just for the regular check up or for medical purposes, the cat will not feel all that comfy when visiting veterinary clinic in Worcester. As the cat parent that you are, you do not want your cat to experience high stress levels. You want to make sure that your cat experiences a smooth vet visit.


You do not want the pet cat to feel too stressed. That is why you better look for ways to tame the whole vet experience. There are several tips that the cat owner can follow to properly plan and prepare for the next appointment scheduled. Here are the tips that are worth taking into consideration to make the cat visit go smoothly.


First of all, you have to pay attention to how you are using the carrier. You must always make sure that the carrier or any other substitute that you can use for carrying your pet is a safe container. It should not cause any health problems for the pet cat. Most importantly, it should be a safe container that the pet owner can use to promote safe transport.


In case the pet cat you have is a senior cat, then there is a high chance that the said cat will keep refusing to enter his or her carrier. If that is the case, then help get the feline acclimated to the said container. The best way to do so is by placing the carrier inside the home. You can make it a part of the home's daily environment. You can even try placing treats, blankets, and favorite toys inside so that the container becomes a comfortable home for the cat. Keep them inside after the senior cat enters.


There are many types of carriers that are available in the market nowadays. You might want to opt for the top-loading containers though, as they are less stressful, especially when you have a senior cat. The top-loading carriers allow for easy removal. If there is a need for it, the cat can still be examined even when they are not removed from their carrier.


Car rides should also be paid attention to. Never limit the car rides strictly for when you visit the vet. It is highly recommended that you take the pet cat on regular rides inside the carrier. That way, the cat can permanently get used to the car motion as well as the surroundings. The next visit to the veterinary clinics Basildon will be less stressful for the cat then.


Even cats can get car sick. This is even more so when the cats are not used to riding in the car on a regular basis. Thus, it is highly recommended that you avoid feeding the pet for a period of at least an hour before transporting him or her to the vet clinic. This is the best way to prevent the cat from being sick due to the car's motion.

Wed 23 March 2016

Finding the right Torquay vets can always be very challenging especially if you are to consider the fact that your choices these days are plenty. Sometimes, when you have so many names to select from the whole task can get overwhelming. This is why you would rather take the necessary steps to know what are the elements that would make it easier for you to identify the right veterinary expert when you see one.


The moment that you decide to bring home a pet is the moment that you will start looking for a veterinary practitioner. You want to look for these providers long before you will ever need to secure their services. The last thing you want is to start making your searches when you are in dire need of his assistance. You want to take the time to explore your choices to ensure that the one you do settle for later on is not going to disappoint.


You will need to ask for referrals. It is always going to help that you will first ask for suggestions for the people around you about who it is you should consider hiring, there are a lot of people that have referred to the service of the same providers in the past. Given that they have experienced what it is like to refer to the services of these people, you can trust that they should be able to offer you some very good suggestions when it comes to determining the names of providers that you should consider referring to.


Check their expertise and their qualifications. Just because a vet comes highly recommended does not mean that he would be the best choice for you. You have to remember that what worked for others may not necessarily end up working the same way for you. You have to understand that there are things that you may need off of these providers and you need to be sure that these are exactly the kinds of services that you can expect from them.


Ask for a tour of the facilities that these experts run as well. You need to know what are the things that you can expect to experience if you are to go ahead and bring your pets to their care every time. You need to know if they have the right staff, accommodating friendly and professional people to assist you every time you walk in. you need to know if they have a veterinary facility that is well-kept to be conducive to the treatments of the pets that will be brought along.


See if they have emergency services, you want to be prepared for those instances when you may need the services of have in the idea of the night, you will never know when situations like these occur and you need assurance that if and when they do, you are sure that these is a provider that you can refer to who would be able to meet these needs for you. Also, take a look at their overnight facilities of there ever is a need for your pet to be left in their care or hospitalized.

Wed 23 March 2016

When you decide to get a pet, you have to consider the fact that their needs always be more than just food and shelter. They will have to be seen by Belfast vets too to ensure that their vaccines and shots are updated and that they are given due medical attention if need be, veterinary practitioners are helpful at ensuring that these pets are healthy and thriving all the time. This is why if you have to start referring to one regularly, it has to be the right one for you.


The veterinary field has seen a surge in the number of practitioners these days, thanks to the interest of more and more people to own pets. Thanks to this, the number if facilities that can be found around that offer veterinary services has increased over time as well. Finding these clinics has become much easier now. But people need to understand that finding the right clinic can be an entirely different story.


These facilities can differ a lot from one setting to the next. It would be up to the pet owners themselves to determine which providers they feel more comfortable referring to. They have to see to it too that they will locate those people that are going to have the ability to get their needs met the proper way. You need to identify what kind of vet practice it is that you are looking for so you can shortlist your options and hopefully end up with a provider that is most appropriate for your pet.


It is recommended that you will ask around for suggestions. If you have no idea how to even find the names of prospects that are present in your locality, suggestions and recommendations can help. People that have referred to these providers in the past can give you some very helpful suggestions. So, check where they have been taking their pets to so you can check out these vets of yourself.


The credential of the professionals that is involved here should be considered as well. Find out if you are looking at somebody how happens to have the papers to prove that he is legitimately offering his practice in your state. They need to be registered and should be able to show proof too that they are indeed qualified to be extending their assistance to you. Thus, you are sure that they are not going to disappoint every time you will decide to bring your pet to their premises for attention and care.


Find out if they have earned a good name and reputation over the years that they have remained in the service too. It is always reassuring when you are being assisted by people that have been in the field for a long time. The more years that they have spent in the field, the more you can depend on them. They will know exactly what they have to do to bring the best care to your pet.


Do check what the rest of the community is saying about them. People that have referred to them before are likely to offer some insight and some feedback on the experiences they have with these professionals. This is a good opportunity for you to find and hire the right people that have since earned a good name and a good reputation over the years that they have been around.

Wed 23 March 2016

It is sad but true that many horse riders and owners overlook horse insurance policies. In fact, equine insurance is pushed to the bottom on must-have things and many owners consider it as an unnecessary expense. Whether you are a horse rider or an owner, it is important to have right horse insurance in order to protect yourself and your horse. Most people think that a horse insurance coverage is just another pet insurance. However, it is quite different from a simple pet insurance because a horse has more value than other pets like cat and dog. If for some reason you think that horse insurance is an unnecessary expense, here are some good reasons why you should have it.

First of all, regular visits to vet can put a lot of financial burden on you. But vet visits are very important in order to make sure that your horse is in good health. In that case, a horse insurance policy will help you take a portion of financial burden off you. Likewise, there are some illnesses and diseases that require expensive treatments. And also some illnesses may require long term treatment. It can be difficult for you to pay the huge bills of these expensive treatments. In fact, if horse owner can’t afford expensive treatment, it becomes necessary to put their horse down. But if you have an equine insurance, you don’t have to worry about expensive medical treatments.

Horse insurance does not only provide protection for health care of horse, but also it ensures safety of your equine friend. You may lose your horse because of theft or in accident. In that case, an equine insurance policy will cover your losses.

There are many other good reasons why every rider and owner should have a decent equine policy. Your equine friend can cause damage to you or your neighbor’s property. In this case, you will be held responsible to pay for the damages. These damages can be costly but if you have an insurance policy you will not have to worry about these expenses. Then there are some horse insurance policies that provide protection to those horses that travel overseas to take part in competitions.

Some horse insurance policies provide cover for the commercial value of their hose based business. These policies are quite similar to homeowner and auto insurance policies. In short, these were some good reasons why you should have a proper equine insurance policy. To get more information about different types of equestrian insurance policies, visit

It is strongly advised to do your homework before choosing an equine insurance coverage. There are many insurance companies out there that are offering a wide variety of horse insurance policies. But not all of them will suit you. You should keep your needs into mind when choosing an equestrian insurance policy. Also, do not hesitate to ask a knowledgeable and experienced insurer or insurance agent about the type of coverage that will suit you best. Internet is a good place to find different insurance companies and to compare their policies

Tue 23 February 2016